(KTEN) – Temperatures climbing over the 100 degree mark take a toll when you’re outside, and sometimes fans on the inside aren’t enough.

“I absolutely prefer AC,” said Billy McNabb. “I’m a veteran and I have sleep apnea. I'm on a breathing machine. I have trouble breathing, especially at night. I need good air."

A Texas energy site estimates that electric bills in the Lone Star State average about $137 a month.

“It was like $120... a lot,” McNabb said.

To help deal with the price of cooling off, you might need to change how you use other energy hogs in your home.

“Most of the energy that goes to running the dryer goes to heating the air. In the state of Texas, the average to run the dryer for an hour is 74 cents. But turning down the temperature in the dryer saves a lot of energy,” explained energy-saving expert Cyndi Bray said.

Setting the dial to a low heat setting can help you cut back on costs.

“Even if you have to run the dryer for a longer period of time, it uses a lot less energy than running it on high,” Bray said.

And a bonus: Turning down the temperature in the dryer also lowers the temperature in your home that you’re using AC to cool down.