DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — Denison City Council members got an earful Tuesday night from residents who are upset about plans for an aggregate sales yard in their neighborhood.

Martin Marietta's proposed facility would distribute gravel, rock and other materials. The company is seeking a conditional use permit from the city, but homeowners like Peggy Gardner raised concerns about the facility's proximity to residents along Ray Drive.

 Site of Martin Marietta's proposed aggregate distribution center. (Google Maps)

"The lights, the noise, the dust, and the unsightliness of it... and that's just for us that have been there for a long time," she said. "Hundreds of acres of houses, single family homes that are going in, and less than half a mile from their house is going to be a gravel pit."

Representatives from Martin Marietta told the Council they have the city's best interest at heart, including the residents living nearby, pledging to meet all federal and state requirements.

Martin Marietta said it expects about 100 trucks a day to access the distribution center, but they will use internal roads on Union Pacific railroad property to 

But those assertions failed to convince concerned resident Glenn Collins.

"Doesn't settle my soul at all, because they're in there to say what they need to say, because they're in there to say what they need to say to get their business put on that property," he said. "That's the only intent and purpose here at the meeting tonight."

But after cases were made and questions were answered, the City Council voted unanimously to approve Martin Marietta's application

"I thought that the decision that was made was made well before we got here," said Collins. "They had to hear us; that's the only reason we got to speak."

Martin Marietta now has a conditional use permit for the gravel facility. The authorization can be revoked if the company violates its terms.