MARSHALL COUNTY, Okla. (KTEN) — Oklahomans can take advantage of multiple programs that help cover the cost of installing a storm shelter.

"That right there is life-saving," said Marshall County tornado survivor Roseanna Crabtree. She attributes her family's survival from last month's severe weather to their storm shelter. 

"There was hardly any time to get to shelter," she recalled. "We all met in the middle of the house and ran through the kitchen and made it to the cellar — thank God — barely in time."

Once the storm passed, Crabtree was shocked at the damage.

"We were not moving. We did not want to come out of that shelter,” said tornado survivor Elizabeth Boyett. 

“But we did, and the damage is devastating but humbling at the same time,” Crabtree added. “We are thankful we are still here to tell the stories."

After surviving the tornado, Crabtree has one piece of advice. 

"If you don't have a storm shelter, you should get one,” she said. ”Some amazing stories are coming out of this storm based on grace and blessings, and it's a blessing to have that cellar."

Another nearby family also survived due to their storm shelter. 

"I have a neighbor who was playing cards with 12 other women, and they didn't really have a warning until it hit,” Crabtree explained. “All 12 women and her granddaughter made it out of that house, and it was flattened."  

The Chickasaw and Choctaw Nations offer storm shelter installation at no cost or reduced price for eligible tribal citizens.

Oklahomans can also apply for installation reimbursement through the Emergency Management Department's SoonerSafe Rebate Program.