BONHAM, Texas (KTEN) — The Sam Rayburn Veterans Center in Bonham under review.
There's a chance the hospital could be closing and moved to the DFW area.

The center is under review from the VA to close a majority of the center, relocating closed parts to Fort Worth.
forcing veterans to either travel or relocate to be closer to a veteran's hospital, something effecting more than just Bonham veterans.

"We have many people from Mckinney, Dallas, Decatur, Denton, all the surrounding counties, they come here," said Fannin Co. Judge Randy Moore. "A lot of Oklahoma people that come too."

The reason for the review according to the VA is to keep the hospitals where there are more veterans. Something Moore does not agree with.

"There's more veterans that are willing to drive here," said Moore. "Than there are people from here that want to drive into the metroplex to go see the VA hospital."

"They really don't look at the details of what the ripple effect and what it does," said Bonham City manager Sean Pate. "They might look at one bottom line figure not understand that, that small bottom line figure ends up ballooning into a much larger impact."

People leaving and losing workers one of many reasons why.

"The ambulance service that we own and operate in Bonham, that provides a support mechanism to the VA hospital," said Pate. "Not to mention the fact that they are our largest water customer."

For now the city plans to get together and support the VA hospital staying. March 22nd Fannin County Commissioners will meet and discuss the situation.

You can view the proposal here: