DURANT, Okla. (KTEN) — Durant is one step closer to being the only city in Texoma to have its own Doppler weather radar.

Last week, the city and its emergency management department announced that Baron Weather will manage the $1.6 million project, It is expected to start scanning the skies for storms from atop the Cardinal Glass water tower by September.

"It'll be a lot better warning time," said Durant Emergency Management director Kenneth Eppler. "We'll have a lot more lead time to notify communities and individuals if there is a tornado, and they can take shelter."

Texoma lies between National Weather Service radar installations in Oklahoma City and Fort Worth. That means there are a lot of blind spots.

Bryan County's previous emergency management director started trying to solve this problem back in 2006.

"In the southeast corner of Oklahoma and Northeast Texas, we really need another radar — a 'gap-filler' they call it — and finally after two deadly tornadoes in the Oklahoma area over a four-year period, he got some people to listen and appropriate the money for it," Eppler said.

As we start tornado season, Texoma has already shown the need for a Doppler radar after Monday night's violent storms in nearby Fannin County, Texas.

"Because it's so far away from any National Weather Service radar, we just would not know unless you've really got experience on the radar to see the rotation in that storm," Eppler said. "So instead of those people having virtually no warning, they could have had 10 or 15 minutes' warning."

Until Durant's radar goes online, emergency management suggests that you maintain multiple methods to receive alerts when severe weather is threatening so you can stay safe.

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Next Monday and Wednesday, emergency management plans to host a severe weather awareness class from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Durant library.