SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) -- "It's our pleasure to serve the community here," said Roman Luciano, the owner of Little Store and Kitchen on Rusk Street in Sherman.

The name of his new neighborhood restaurant is adapted from the establishment's previous name: the Lit'l Store, which closed last fall.

"My plan was to move to Sherman a couple years ago too," Luciano said. "Now my dream came true, so I'm here, and I closed on the restaurant, and I'm here and plan to do something different."

The owners of Little Store and Kitchen have spent many years in food service. When they reopened the store they kept the previous menu, but added a few extra items.

"We've had experience with burgers and Tex-Mex, and that's why we had the decision to add it, and then people will have the choice of burgers and Tex-Mex,"  Luciano explained.

Sammy Fritcher and his wife have shared memories of the old restaurant and were disappointed when it closed. 

"We had heard that it was for sale and someone might buy it," Fritcher said. "We drove by it every so often and see, and we were overjoyed when we drove by and it was open!"

The Fritchers they say they fell in love with the new restaurant and are visiting two or three times a week. 

"Amazing how you meet neighbors and things. It's a nice place to come to, and we really enjoy it," said Fritcher. 

Luciano said he is making plans to offer food deliveries to customers soon.