CALERA, Okla. (KTEN) — Pharmacies across Oklahoma and Texas have been struggling, some of them even closing down...whether for just a couple of days or permanently.

Part of the reason why is a lack of workers.

"It's been bad before, but right now there's pharmacies closing because everybody in the pharmacy's got COVID," said Gallipot Pharmacy pharmacist Mark Villines.

This is causing problems for people trying to get a COVID vaccine or testing. Some, like Atoka Resident Robert Middleton, are struggling to find an available pharmacy.

"My first shot that I got in Joplin, Missouri, I had to go to two different Walgreens to find one that was open... that was like a four-hour ordeal," he said. "Then today, the CVS, I made an appointment, checked in online. When I got there, walked in and they were closed... and they'd been closed for four or five days."

For those needing to pick up a prescription... more issues arise. Pharmacists, doctors and patients have to start making calls making a drive to locate an open pharmacy.

"That's where the scramble really starts," Villines said. "One of the local pharmacies in Durant was closed, so I had to call the doctor to have the prescription to have them sent here so that they could get it picked up."

Some pharmacy chains like CVS have been able to mostly keep their drive-thru windows open. Others, however, are still struggling.

If you do need to get a prescription filled, be sure to call ahead to make sure your pharmacy is open.