SAVOY, Texas (KTEN) — The Savoy Independent School District contacted police after students alerted educators about a high school student who had made a verbal threat last weekend.

Savoy police said after interviewing students and parents, the juvenile was arrested for allegedly making a terroristic threat.

Savoy ISD Superintendent Brian Neal told KTEN that no gun was ever on campus, and the student accused of making the threat on Saturday will remain off campus until further notice.

"Due to the quick response from our students and the Savoy Police Department, there was never a threat to the safety of our students on campus," administrators said in a letter to parents. "The school also used a metal detector in this effort to maintain student and staff safety."

As a precaution, Savoy students cannot bring book bags or backpacks to school until January 3.

"Any threat against the children of our community will be taken very seriously and investigated to the fullest," police said in a written statement.

The Savoy school district, in southwest Fannin County, has a total enrollment of about 330 students.