ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) -- The Pontotoc Technology Center and the City of Ada are career tech partners. The PTC also provides resources for the city's use of drones.

"We use them for some search-and-rescue scenarios, police activities, anything else that they need,” said Geoff Thomas, an environmental analyst for the city. “We will do roof inspections, property inspections for code enforcement, and we'll do photos and aerial shots for public information."

The partnership lets the city participate in drone training, certification courses, and practice flights. 

The PTC also works with several law enforcement agencies, offering  hands-on exercises for situations where a drone would be a helpful tool.

"Of course, it was a scenario, but we were told there was a missing child and that they were suspected to be in a certain area and that they had certain clothes on,” said PTC industrial coordinator Jim Lawson. “We were dispatched out to different locations and were told to fly and look in  different areas."

Lawson explained exercises like this let law enforcement agencies better understand how drones can be utilized in different situations. 

"They weren't used to having a drone to work with, so we had an opportunity there to provide some information potentially that they didn't have before," Lawson said. 

The Pontotoc Technology Center offers drone courses and certifications to anyone interested.