Fuze Bug is a helpful LED-powered mosquito killing device that you can get without breaking the bank. According to its official website, it can be a good weatherproof solution to your problem of insects of all types including spiders, moths, flies, and mosquitos among others. A good feature of this device that likely makes it safe for use is that it does not rely on chemicals or UV light.

Have you been meaning to sleep outdoors, plan a family picnic, or set a camp under the open sky but don’t because of the health risks that open-air insects and mosquitos bring? Chances are you just want to enjoy some fresh air in the evening or as you sleep. But, again, the mosquito influx from the open window scares you. Whatever the case may be, you take charge of your surroundings and get rid of those nasty insects with the help of a mosquito-killing device like the Fuze Bug repellent lamp.

To know more about how this device works to kill mosquitoes both indoors and outdoors, dive into this detailed Fuze Bug review below.

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Fuze Bug Reviews - Fake Mosquito Killer Device or Legit Repellent Lamp?

Fuze Bug Mosquito Review

Fuze Bug is an insect-killing zapper that covers a distance of 375 sq. feet to kill insects using 1000 volts of power. According to the official website, it runs on powerful batteries that need charging, and comes with a battery life of one day. This means that with this device, you can expect to enjoy a complete day free of insects.

The Fuze Bug mosquito device can be a great solution for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes with an adjustable LED light that can help light your room or outdoor camp at night while killing insects. In fact, by adjusting its glow, you can use the LED light as a night lamp too. So that’s a win-win!

That said, FuzeBug works completely free of chemicals and UV light. It also comes with a double protecting grid so kids cannot put their hands into the device. The takeaway? You can make use of this insect zapper with children around without the fear of any damage.

In addition to being children-friendly and weatherproof, the device doesn’t take much work or time in maintenance. You only need to empty the bottom cell to make sure you get rid of the dead insects. Once in a while, wipe the inner coil to remove any bits that might have accumulated. And, that’s all. With a budget-friendly tag and low maintenance cost, this device can be an ideal purchase for everyone.

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How Does Fuze Bug Work?

The official Fuze Bug website mentions it as an insect zapper. This means that whenever an insect is close to it, the device works on killing it with a powerful electric volt. Think of it as killing the insect with a powerful electric shock.

This mechanism of action allows the Fuze Bug mosquito device to kill the insect on the spot, leaving you with no problem with half-alive insects as most sprays and coils may cause. What’s more, dead mosquitos and other insects are left in the bottom cell of the zapper so you can easily get rid of them without making your house a mess.

How is Fuze Bug Different From Other Available Options?

In contrast with other insect-killing solutions, the Fuze Bug mosquito zapper seems like a winner for several reasons. As mentioned by the official company, these reasons include the following:

  • It doesn’t use chemicals or toxins to kill insects

First off, the Fuze Bug mosquito device doesn’t leverage any harmful chemicals to kill the enemy. Instead, it uses LED light to attract them and finish them off with a powerful jolt. For this, it works on battery power that needs nothing more than simple charging.

At the same time, other solutions such as sprays and coils stink. They use chemicals that insects either smell or ingest so they can die from the poison. The problem here is that if your children or pets get a hold of this poison or harmful toxins, they can be in trouble.

And, anyone with small kids and pets in their house knows how hard it is to keep them away from insect-killing medicines/tables and sprays. At the same time, there are also people who might be allergic to the smoke that insect-killing coils emit.

If you look at these facts, you’ll see that FuzeBug can be an easier and safer solution as compared to other alternatives. As a bonus, its LED light not only attracts insects to kill them but also doubles as a night lamp that’s adjustable. So you can dim the light as you need.

  • It’s easy to use and clean

Secondly, the Fuze Bug zapper is easy to use. You only need to charge it after every 24 hours of use. Whatever insects are trapped in the device are present in its bottom compartment. In case there are any dead insects, you’ll find them in the device’s vicinity. All this proves that using and cleaning this zapper is easy, giving you peace of mind.

In other cases of sprays, meds, and coils, you’ll find dead insects lying all around the house. The insect might smell or ingest the toxin and die somewhere away from the source. This means you’re left to clean the mess.

Not only that but using solutions other than Fuze Bug light to get rid of insects is a pain. Let’s take sprays as an example here. To begin with, you need to wear a mask to protect yourself from inhaling the scent. You also need to empty the room and after spraying it properly and lock it. Chances are this will leave you with a mass grave of insects. But there are also chances that the insects flee the room in time and infect other rooms.

If you are spraying your entire house, the job gets tougher. You need to empty the house first, then spray, and leave your own house for a few hours before returning to clean. Not to mention, sprays aren’t cost-effective considering you need to empty a can for just one room.

If you look at the Fuze Bug mosquito killer in a comparative light, you can see that it is not only easy to use but also budget-friendly. In that, you invest once and can continue using it for as long as you can take care of it.

  • It is children-friendly and weather-proof

Lastly, the Fuze Bug mosquito zapper comes with a double protection grid. This means that even the tiniest of fingers can’t access the coil inside. Since there is no use of chemicals, the device becomes even more children-friendly.

On top of that, it is weather-proof so you can use it in any weather. If you look at other solutions though, you won’t find them as children-friendly.

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Is Fuze Bug Legit? Exploring Its Key Features

According to several Fuze Bug reviews online, the device possesses some great characteristics that make it worth the investment. The top 6 of these are:

  1. Fast and easy

Insects can be killed using electric power which is painless and efficient. In that, there are no chances of the insects’ survival.

  1. It is completely natural

The zapper is free from chemicals. There is also no UV light – only rechargeable electric current and light.

  1. Comes with LED light

This makes the Fuze Bug repellent lamp a great addition for camping and outdoor use. You can also adjust the light and use the dim version as a night lamp.

  1. Rechargeable

FuzeBug comes with a USB cord that makes it convenient to use and charge. Not to forget, it has a battery life of 24 hours.

  1. Weather-proof

Be it rain, snow or terrible heat, this device works under all weather conditions effectively – saving you from harmful insects and diseases, and infections caused by their bite.

  1. Portable

Not to mention, this low-maintenance Fuze Bug mosquito killer is easy to carry anywhere you want. It’s lightweight and when it’s fully charged, you don’t even need to keep it plugged into an electric socket. If you’re traveling, carry the USB charger with you to be able to use the zapper anywhere you go.

Can You Trust Fuze Bug?

The odds of trusting this device are high for several reasons. For one, it is backed with a boatload of positive Fuze Bug customer reviews that all speak in favor of how this device has helped them get rid of mosquitos and insects. These reviews add social proof to the picture – confirming that people are commending this device so you can safely trust it, too.

Secondly, the device comes from a reliable manufacturer. The team behind it has an official website and also shares their contact details. The website has explained how this device works and talks about its features in-depth to give you a clear picture of the device you are going to be investing in.

Scams often don’t do that. Meaning: you can easily trust this solution for killing unwanted and harmful insects.

fuze bug reviews

Where To Buy Fuze Bug? Pricing and Contact Details

Fuze Bug is up for grabs in the US and Canada on getfuzebug.com at discounts going up to 50%. So if you are interested in saving yourself and your family from those pesky bugs, hurry up and place your order today.

Besides, the device comes in four different packages – offering you great flexibility to choose the number of zappers you want as well as avail amazing discounts.

Available deals are:

  • The Beta Deal: The deal offers two Fuze Bug zappers with each zapper for $37.99.

  • The Gamma Deal: Get three Fuze Bug zappers for $35.99 per zapper.

  • The Delta Deal: You can get four Fuze Bug devices as part of the delta deal at $33.99 per zapper.

  • The Epsilon Deal: This deal gives you five Fuze Bug zappers for $31.99 each only.

Note that if you order more of the Fuze Bug light, you get a bigger discount. It’s also useful to note that all orders are shipping within 48 hours and take 5-7 business days to reach your doorstep.

And, here’s something to sweeten this deal further: a three-year warranty that proves the solution is worth the investment.

Should You Buy Fuze Bug In Bulk?

Essentially, Fuze Bug comes at a discounted price. But if you need more of these zappers, there’s no reason to hesitate.

The 3-years warranty speaks in favor of the device’s quality, confirming your money won’t go down the drain if you put it into this product. On top of that, ordering in bulk gives you almost a 70% discount.

So if you have a large lawn or open space at your house or you live in an area where there are lots of insects, it makes sense to place a Fuze Bug bulk order. The same is true for those of you who love a good adventure, therefore, camp regularly or go on family or friends’ picnics frequently.

If you are ordering this device for a friend, it also makes sense to pick a deal other than the beta deal. Why? Because it helps you get more product units while saving your money.

Fuze Bug Reviews - The Verdict

In a nutshell, the Fuze Bug can be a reliable and valuable investment. It doesn’t cost a fortune but can likely deliver benefits that you’ve been looking for - an insect-free, healthy, and peaceful life. The device is weatherproof, safe for use with children around, and doesn’t use any UV light or chemicals that you or your family might be allergic to. Try it today while the 50% discount lasts. For more information about Fuze Bug before you decide to purchase, click here to go to the official website now.

Fuze Bug Mosquito Reviews and FAQs

Here are answers to any more questions that you may have:

  • What does the Fuze Bug package include?

Once you get your order, you’ll get the zapper and a type-C USB charger with it. There’s also a brush included for cleaning the coil so you don’t need to buy it separately.

  • Does Fuze Bug emit any smell?

As mentioned, this device works by attracting and killing insects with a power stock. This means no chemicals and smells are involved.

  • Where Can You Buy This Device

Fuze Bug is only currently available at the official website of the product here. It’s not up for grabs at Amazon or any other legit or non-legit third-party site. This means any ad you see on the insect-killing zapper’s availability on any other site is most likely a Fuze Bug scam.

  • How can you contact the customer support team?

For any more questions and for getting your hands on the product, head over to the official website of the solution now. You can also get in touch with the team behind it at [email protected]

Tips To Keep Your Place Mosquito Free With Fuze Bug

In addition to using Fuze Bug, you can consider following these easy tips to reduce mosquitoes in your house:

  • Don’t let water accumulate

Accumulated water is the breeding ground for mosquitoes. So whether it is in the kitchen, the washroom, or anywhere in your backyard, don’t let the water pool. This is, specifically, important after rainfall when water may pool around in your lawn. Get proactive and don’t let it accumulate.

  • Drain filled water buckets regularly

If you have to store water for any reason, be sure to regularly drain the buckets and refill them with fresh water. As mentioned, stagnant water is the breeding space for insects. So be sure to regularly refresh stored water.

  • Don’t let garbage collect in any given spot

This is super important. A good idea is to have a dedicated garbage bag for collecting all the trash. Depending on how much trash is collected in your house, get rid of the rubbish at least once or twice a day. In fact, make it a rule to never go to sleep without first emptying the trash bin and turning on the Fuze Bug repellent lamp.

  • Use a zapper

A zapper such as Fuze Bug works quietly in the background, saving you by killing insects. It doesn’t take any effort or work from your end. And, it’s also budget-friendly and effective. This makes it a safe, easy, and effective way to keep insects at bay.

  • Fix any gaps

If you have any gaps in your window screens and doors, it’s best you work to fill them right away. This helps you keep the insects out while you work to maintain indoor cleanliness and actively get rid of the insects.

  • Burn some candles

Mosquitos can’t stand the scent of lavender candles, also known as citronella. So it’s a good idea to light these candles every evening if there are a lot of mosquitos in your area.

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