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Is do it yourself plumbing a bad idea?

Though there are home plumbing repairs you can learn, there are instances where you should call a professional. It doesn’t matter if you’ve completed several home improvement projects.

Some plumbing stuff should be left to the experts.

Keep in mind that you’re not just dealing with minor losses of money and time if you mess up. You’re risking damaging your home, injuring yourself, and getting fines if you fail to obtain the necessary permits.

That said, here’s a list of plumbing repairs you should never ever DIY.

1. Clearing a Clogged Sewer Line

When sewer lines get clogged, your whole plumbing system’s affected. This can also cause sewer backup, which can damage your floors, walls, electrical systems, furniture, etc.

If that’s a risk you’re willing to take on, then consider how you will do the job. Do you have special equipment to unclog your sewer line? Can you be sure that you’ll do a proper job and not make the problem worse?

If you answer no to both, take out this one from your list of DIY plumbing repair tasks.

2. Fixing a Burst Pipe

A leaky pipe is something you may be able to fix on your own. But a burst pipe is an emergency problem, which means you need to call a plumber.

And it’s not because pipe patches don’t work. It’s because patches are for leaks and they’re temporary fixes.

For burst pipes, the best solution is pipe replacement, which requires safely detaching old pipes before putting in new ones.

3. Any Underground Plumbing Repair Job

Do you have special tools for working with underground infrastructure?

If yes, do you have a permit from local authorities to start digging? You have to satisfy both conditions before you take on underground plumbing repair jobs.

If the city finds out you’ve been doing such repairs without a permit, you may be forced to get a permit with double or triple the fees. Or, they may shut down everything and leave you with a huge problem.

4. Replacing Your Water Heater

Here’s one rule of home repairs every homeowner should follow. If it involves electricity, it’s not a job for the average DIYer.

Since water heater installation and replacement involve electricity, you should leave it to a professional. Risking serious injury and even death is not worth it when an expert can do the job safely and quickly.

5. Repairing a Gas Line

If you suspect a gas leak, your immediate thought shouldn’t be, “I have to fix this problem myself.” It should be, “I have to evacuate everyone including pets from the house.”

Once a certified inspector confirms that the leak is due to a faulty gas line, professionals will be called in to fix the problem. To prevent this from happening again, consider having your gas pipelines inspected every year.

Do It Yourself Plumbing vs. Hiring Plumbers

Yes, it’s tempting to DIY home repairs because hiring professionals means spending money. But don’t forget that DIY plumbing repairs have costly consequences when they’re not done right.

Save yourself the hassle of even larger plumbing problems by letting plumbers do what they’ve trained for.

Final Thoughts on DIY Plumbing

Some do it yourself plumbing repairs don’t have to end in disaster. But there are certain jobs that are best left to professionals. Do the best thing for your peace of mind by hiring experts when you need to.

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