SHERMAN, TX -- It's been almost five years since a triple murder shocked Texoma and the wheels of justice are turning slowly for a father yearning for answers.

“Every time I see the pictures, I miss my kids,” said father, Larry Ballou.

It’s been almost five years, but Ballou’s ritual has not changed.

Every day he gets up and sits down in his favorite spot on the couch, bonding with his two daughters through old pictures on his laptop, because he no longer can see them in person. 

"You’re sitting there all fine and dandy, and then you get a call that your daughters are dead," said Ballou.

Sisters Cassandra and Misty Ballou were brutally murdered back in September of 2010. They were shot several times, and their bodies, along with their friend Brian Ritchie's were found dead in a burning house off Reynolds Road in Sherman.

"That was the only two kids I had on earth," said father, Larry Ballou.

For all these years, Ballou has been waiting for justice and hoping the Grayson County Sheriff's Office might crack the case.

However, he says he lost hope after learning the agency only looks into the case once a month, which he says is just not enough.

"Excuse me; those girls are missed more than one time a month,” said Ballou.

In order to get the case solved faster, Ballou decided to take matters into his own hands, starting an online petition, hoping to persuade the sheriff's office to agree on receiving some outside help.

"I want to try and force the sheriff's office to let the show Cold Justice come in," said Ballou.

When we reached out to the Grayson County Sheriff's Office, they said because this is an open ongoing investigation, they cannot comment without compromising it, and that they are still looking into the case.

Ballou’s goal is to get over a thousand signatures on the petition; so far he has close to eight hundred.

He hopes to reach that mark before the memorial of his two daughter’s death next week, on September 20th at Cedar Lawn Memorial Park in Sherman.

"This is a case that needs to be solved," said Ballou.

Click here for the link to the petition.