In Olney, OK, severe weather wrecked a young couple's home. KTEN's Jhen Kordela has the story. 

When Bill Johnston and his wife, Gina, stepped out of his father's cellar, they thought it was just another storm. But, when the two returned home, they learned it was much more

Their barn was destroyed, their home unliveable. Now, they're picking up the peices of what's left.

Gina Johnston has experienced a major severe weather incident before. A tornado blew the roof off her house in Caney when she was five. But, she says, this is more memorable.

"It's like a home," says Gina Johnston, "you know, we're just a young, married couple, just starting out, and it's just like everything just taken away all at once. And it's just kind of hard. And, we're expecting, and it's just -- it's a lot of stress."

Gina was concerned for the livestock. But luckily, the animals were not injured. The Johnstons, though, are still taking in the structural damage.

"We got to the gate, and there was peices of the barn ... and insullation at the fence," says Bill Johnston. "And, then when we come on in, it was just obliterated."

Debris litters their home's inside, with busted windows and broken glass on the floor. The two were set to go on a getaway up north, geared to leave ahead of the storm. But, when they checked the forecast, they decided to wait it out with family. For now, that's where the couple is staying -- with family -- until they are able to move back into their home.

- Jhen Kordela, KTEN News.