(KTEN) — On the eve of Independence Day, Texans were traveling to celebrate the summer holiday.

"My cousin is deployed as well as my boyfriend, so of course we're thinking about them all the time," said Kayra Sauceda. "We miss them; we wish that they could make these trips with us."

Some Texans loaded up their cars for a 4th of July destination as the red, white, and blue holiday is just a day away.

Some, like Shelly Campbell, were taking day trips.

"Today and tomorrow I'm just planning to drive up and see my family in northeast Oklahoma, take care of some family business, and maybe tour around see some of the city," she said.

Shawn Moore and Kayra Sauceda were traveling from Cisco, Texas, for a nine-hour drive up to Branson, Missouri to take a break from daily living.

"We usually go to like Corpus, but the hurricanes and stuff headed that way, so we went the other way," Moore said.

"We're looking to do some things outside, and we heard that they had some good hiking trails over there and a lot of fishing holes."

Campbell said she'll use the free time to connect with her family.

"Trying to ignore politics for a couple of days, really not dwell on that at all," she added. "Turn off the radio, just listening to good music on the road."

The AAA projects that almost 71 million people will be driving 50 miles or more over the long holiday weekend.