(KTEN) — Fireworks are a sure-fire way to celebrate America's 248th birthday this week. 

Pop-a-Lot Fireworks has been an option for Texomans for 15 years, offering more than 400 different options. However, with high temperatures and a lack of rain in the last three weeks, it's a good idea to keep water handy to prevent fires. 

"We always water down our grass before we shoot anything off," said co-owner Pam Schuler. "We have a bucket of water ready if something catches fire to put out quickly; we also have the garden hose attached and have it close by to go ahead and spray that on there also."

She added that even with lover prices this year, sales have not been as high compared to previous years. 

"They are a little lower than normal sales, but you know, it's the same all across the US," she said. "I think the economy has really hit home for a lot of people."