SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — Sherman native Matt Smith is discovering a new adventure as an author with The Adventures of Morris the Moose.

"I've always liked the relationship between children and animals, especially young animals. And a moose is kind of an out-of-the-box type animal," said the children's book author.

Morris the Moose's adventure was inspired by Smith's fondness of storytelling since the age of 18.

"Taking the easy way out of school, I never did a book report; I'd just read the title and make my own story instead of having to read the book," said Smith.

So his ideas become a reality by writing his first children's book, creating a story about curious Morris the Moose having a misadventure. It teaches readers that animals are similar to people in finding new discoveries and solving problems.

Smith's family members and business manager helped to develop the story of Morris the Moose.

"Myself and the two kids, Hailey and Dylan, are right along trying to get him out of his mishaps and back to his mother," said business manager/book character Sabrina Schroder.

Smith hopes the children's book will reach the hands of Texoma readers. The author and manager duo are working to get Morris the Moose on Texoma bookshelves.

"Achille school, we have some going out there. We're looking at involving AR tests with it, so that some of the children are able to use it as a weekly reader. A couple of books to the Sherman Public Library," said Schroder.