(KTEN) - Hurricane Beryl is now a dangerous category 4 hurricane and is the first hurricane of the Atlantic hurricane season. It is one of the earliest category 4 hurricanes in the season on record. The earliest was Hurricane Alma which strengthened to a category 4 hurricane on June 8, 1966 just 8 days into the Atlantic hurricane season. 


Category 4 Hurricane Beryl


Hurricane Beryl is moving toward the Windward Islands with maximum sustained winds 130 mph. Hurricane warnings are in effect across the Windward Islands. Beryl is expected to bring life threatening storm surge, and catastrophic winds to the Windward Islands late Sunday night and through Monday according to the NHC. 

It is forecast to remain a powerful hurricane as it moves across the Caribbean Sea impacting Hispaniola, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and other portions of the northwest Caribbean. 

Hurricane Beryl is expected to move into the Gulf of Mexico. There is uncertainty as to how strong this hurricane will be once it moves into the Gulf. 

We'll be tracking this system as it develops and bring updates as things change.