(KTEN) — The lights went out on both sides of Lake Texoma when violent weather moved across the region on Wednesday evening.

Electrical repair crews were sent to Hillcrest Circle in the Grayson County community of Sherwood Shores when high winds knocked a tree onto a utility pole.

Bob Harris was at home when he heard a loud noise outside.

"Well, it was early evening, we heard a crack, and didn't really know what it was at the time, but the power went out, and the power stayed out," he said. "The tree broke and it took out part of the power pole; now my trailer's buried in the tree, so that'll have to be removed, but it missed my truck, which I'm thankful for."

Harris was one of around 1,200 customers in Sherwood Shores who lost power.

"The co-op people came out, really terrific guys, and worked, until early morning to reestablish power," he added.

Meanwhile, the Red River Valley Rural Electric Association in Marietta assisted with more than a thousand outages in southern Oklahoma.

"We had roughly 1,400, 1,500 without power, throughout the night," said utility spokesperson Kordale Lornes. "It was not anything that was out of the norm for our industry."

He wanted to push the importance of what workers call a "right of way".

"We try to maintain a 30-foot easement, what we call the right of way, around the power lines," Lornes said. "The importance of that is so that we don't get trees or tree limbs ... coming into making contact with a power line."