DAVIS, Okla. (KTEN) —On Tuesday evening, Davis city officials were alerted of a water line break somewhere around the city. As of Wednesday afternoon, the break still has not been found.

"With the amount of water that came out of the system last night, we're confident we have a break, somewhere.” Stated Davis City Manager Rickey Harness. “It's gonna be on a major line."

Homeowners started noticing a difference in pressure before Tuesday night.

"It was like about four in the afternoon, maybe closer to five o'clock that we noticed there was some low water pressure.” Said water customer Kendie Rodriguez. “Eight o'clock, it was really just dripping out of the faucet, there wasn't anything coming out."

Their water has since returned, but Rodriguez is more concerned with another matter.

"Last year, I tested our pool strips, and I tested our water, and it actually had higher levels of chlorine in the water, than a pool recommends that you have.” Rodriguez stated. “We have to have a filter in our shower, and all of our faucets, when someone's taking a shower and you go in there, it smells like a swimming pool."

This test led the Rodriguez family to change their routine.

"The kids, we don't let them take a bath anymore.” Rodriguez said, “They would get rashes all over their body, red, like welps all over their body."

However, city staff are confident that the water is safe to use.

"We do use Chlorine as our purification process, and we are well within any standards for chlorine content.” Harness stated. “We're absolutely...no concerns there at this point in time."