ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) —The startling result of the Carter County sheriff Republican primary race — which ended in a 2,569-2,569 deadlock — has raised questions about the law that could decide the winner if it's still tied after a vote recount.

If the matchup between incumbent Sheriff Chris Bryant and challenger DJ Long is continues without one candidate getting more votes than the other, the Carter County Election Board will publicly select the winner by lot, as outlined by Oklahoma state statute Title 26, Section 8-105.

State Sen. Jerry Alvord (R-District 14) explained that the law was re-established in the early 1970s, but hasn't received attention from lawmakers for any potential change because a tie vote of this magnitude is rare.

"There's already attention at the Capitol; this has already gotten some conversation going on up there," he said. "One of the big concerns is: We need to be very, very careful for unintended consequences. If we think we're making it better, are we making it worse?"