SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — The Sherman Fire Department has restored an iconic Mack fire truck that's been with the department since the beginning.

"This truck has been in Sherman since 1949," said Fire Chief Billy Hartsfield. "It's been continuously owned by the City of Sherman for 75 years."

The truck was in service until the 1980s; then it became a city mascot, making appearances at events like parades until it went out of commission two years ago.

"Being 75 years old, parts get hard to find, people who still know how to work on trucks like this are hard to find, so it was a process," Hartsfield said. "We found a shop that would work on it, got the parts that were needed, got it put back together, and she's running good."

While the truck's glory days may behind her, she continues to carry the memories of lives saved and the lives sacrificed to save them.

"On an icy night, when the weather was real bad and they had to ride back here, obviously it was really cold, but they said it was one of the best parts of their career," Hartsfield said.

And the vintage red truck still revs up her engine to honor the firefighters who built the department's foundation with one final ride.

"Since then, how many retired firefighters have we laid to rest with this truck? It's very special to the city and to the department," Hartsfield said.

It's a sign that even as the city grows, the people who call Sherman home remain committed to their tradition of service.