BONHAM, Texas (KTEN) — In the course of just over one year, the historic Fannin County Courthouse has been home to construction, imminent danger, evacuations — and now, litigation.

County residents celebrated the complete restoration of the downtown Bonham landmark at a 2022 event. Price tag: $30 million.

"The question is: Where did the millions of dollars go?" asked Fannin County Judge Newt Cunningham.

Last year, a state inspection found serious deficiencies in some of the restoration work.

"We spent a lot more on the project then we ever intended, and now to think that we have to spend more," Cunningham said. "I am working with our district attorney to try to determine if we can recover some of that money ... we have been attempting to gather documents to use in the questioning of the witnesses that will be made available to us."

Cunningham said the next step is scheduled depositions with two companies involved in the courthouse renovations — Turner Construction and Architexas — with the goal of recouping potentially millions of taxpayer dollars and bringing resolution to a project now entering its seventh year.

"I think there could be criminal liability," Cunningham said. "I am not out here pressing for that; I am out here pressing to get the county its money back; to take care of our taxpayers and not have them come out of pocket for things that somebody else should be responsible for."

The county judge said those depositions are scheduled for mid-July.