(KTEN) — The Summer Solstice takes place Thursday afternoon in the Northern Hemisphere at 3:50 p.m. CDT. This is when the North Pole tilts closer to the sun than at any other time of the year. This happens when the sun is at the highest point in the sky. 

This happens twice a year — once during the summer to mark the start of astronomical summer, and once in the winter. Thursday is the longest day of the year in terms of sunlight. Texoma will experience 14 hours and 24 minutes of sunlight, with sunset at 8:40 p.m. 

After Thursday, the days will gradually get shorter until the Winter Solstice takes place on December 21, where we will only see 9 hours and 55 minutes of sunlight. On that day, Texoma will experience less sunlight than any other day of the year. 

We'll get our first real taste of summer early next week when the heat dome returns.