GRAYSON COUNTY, Tx (KTEN)-  "We were bringing in, you know, a cow a week. We're about to hit our busier season, so it was definitely going to increase from there," said Heritage Butchery and Barbecue market director Valerie Hiberd.

Texoma business owners and consumers are cutting back on beef as inflation is raising prices to grab a piece of meat.

According to the 2024 Consumer Price Index Report from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, beef prices are up by 7.7 percent compared to January 2023.

"Man, I haven't had steak in a year. I miss the smell of it burning on a grill," said Texoma grocery shopper Will. 

For Texomans, the average price of a steak at the Sherman Walmart ranges between 11 to 12 bucks per pound.

Forcing some Texoma grocery shoppers to change their diet.

"All I can afford is spam. I'm thinking about going vegan," said Will. 

Not only are beef costs steering shoppers, local businesses are also seeing the prices impact getting food to tables.

The Heritage Butchery and Barbecue business in Denison has temporarily closed due to beef expenses.

"The same week we announced our closing 2 of our other brothers and sisters in barbeque announced their closings the exact same time for the exact same reason," said Hiberd. 

According to Heritage Butchery and Barbecue's Market Director, they saw the cost of beef go up by 20 to 25 percent over the last 6 months.

With summer time being their busiest season and meat costs still at a high, the business owners are still figuring out how to move to greener pastures.

"It's been very challenging; its been a very emotional 2 weeks for us. We have regular customers that come in. That's the hardest part is the connections that we have made," said Hiberd.