BRYAN COUNTY, Ok (KTEN)- Bryan County voters made their way to the polls today to have their voices heard through casting ballots.

With potential candidates for Oklahoma and United States House of Representatives along with choosing who could be the next Bryan County Commissioner for Place 2.

Taxpayers made their priorities known with the outcomes they hoped for with the Oklahoma primary election candidates.

"Transportation seems to be a big problem, " said abstained voter in Colbert polls Mike Shelton. 

"Someone at a local election and you think, wow, that's a good person that's worthy of being a leader," said cook at Opera House Coffee Cole Evans.

We spoke to a voter in Downtown Durant who believes the ballot submissions in this election matter.

Due to the potential number of candidates that may effect future elections.

"When you vote on like a local level those leaders then have the chance to progress further and further. Will eventually work their way up to being like president or something along those lines," said Evans. 

While one voter in Colbert hopes to see more democratic candidates in the next Oklahoma election to bring a different perspective on ballots.

"This is just Republican primary, so I wasted my time basically. I'll ride it out this time, but you can solve more, you know, by working hand in hand with each other than you can for just arguing with one another. Cause what we've been doing is not working," said Shelton.