ADA, Okla. (KTEN) — Just over a week ago, a stretch of downtown Ada went up in flames, impacting multiple businesses. On Tuesday, the official incident report was released by the Ada Fire Department, with all available information at this time.

On June 5th, flames emerged from the Salvation Army donation center, and slowly crept to surrounding buildings.

"The fire was right next to my sister's law office, so I ran over there, and they said, 'well I'll check it out', and I said ‘nah, I think you probably ought to leave right now." Stated Ada business owner Gerald McAlister.

Six days after the fire, the Ada Fire Department completed the initial incident report, including the estimated damage loss.

"We did lose two local businesses, one of those businesses, at the time, was unoccupied.” Explained Ada Deputy Fire Chief Matt Turner. “The other, the Salvation Army building, was an operating business. We do estimate the property loss for both the Salvation Army and the old pre-paid building at around $1.5 million."

Future damages will not just be physical.

"It is gonna have an impact on sales tax revenue, and also, it's gonna change the landscape of downtown Ada and the main street area." Stated Turner.

As investigators look for more information, locals, like Stephanie Brogdon, wonder what will become of their beloved downtown.

"My dad used to work at that building before it was sold, so it is pretty sad."

"Ada has an incredible downtown, we have a great downtown district.” Stated McAlister. “Something will happen, and it'll be positive."