MADILL, Okla. (KTEN) — An investigation is underway into why the man in charge of Madill's wastewater treatment plant submitted false records to the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality.

City Manager James Fullingim said plant manager George Andrews Jr. confessed that he had been diluting samples submitted to the DEQ. Treated wastewater is discharged into Lake Texoma. 

“He’s been lowering the test results that he tests for there at the plant," said Fullingim. "As well as diluting samples with distilled water that he sends to outside resources.”

Concerned for the potential public safety risk Fullingim reported the violations to DEQ, who began the investigation.

“I was shocked and disappointed," said Fullingim. "I was really surprised that it happened and it’s put us in a position now to where we we’re trying to figure out how to get back on the right track.” 

Andrews was dismissed from his position and Christopher Northcutt has assumed the post of interim superintendent.

Andrews has been charged by the district attorney's office with filing a forged document, a misdemeanor offense.

"As of right now we’re unaware of any health risks that is put on our residents or Lake Texoma," said Fullingim. "Worst case scenario would be for us to have to invest in a brand new sewer plant  but then that could also be the best case scenario because it fits our growth.”

Oklahoma DEQ provided KTEN with this statement: 

"DEQ was made aware of a Madill wastewater treatment plant employee confessing to falsifying wastewater sample results. DEQ investigators met with the individual, and he confessed at that time. DEQ submitted an affidavit with the information collected during the interview with the individual. The district attorney then chose to file charges. At this time, DEQ is actively investigating this case to determine the extent of wrongdoing and also working with officials in Madill to bring the wastewater treatment plant back into compliance. "