MARIETTA, Okla. (KTEN) — A portion of Mercy Health Love County Rural Health Clinic will reopen on Tuesday, more than a month after the April 27 tornado that devastated parts of the community.

The EF-4 twister damaged the building, left behind debris, and scattered medical equipment. Love County emergency medical services had to relocate patients to other hospitals in the Texoma area.

While administrators say there are still some pieces left to pick up, the essential rural health facility is ready to reopen its doors.

"Within two weeks, the providers were doing virtual visits, so we always had patient contact... they were always filling their meds and talking with their patients," said clinic manager Misti Kirk. "We've been working this whole time, so we're excited tomorrow to open the clinic live, see patients. We miss our patients; we want to see them."

While the clinic will reopen on Tuesday, it is not yet clear when the entire facility will be back to 100 percent.