DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — Two Denison apartment complexes are almost up to code after facing a Chapter 54 lawsuit last year. 

In November, the City of Denison approved an agreement with AB Sherman Holding Company after filing a lawsuit regarding the condition of the East Coast Apartments and Circle Apartments. 

June 1 was the set as the deadline to meet benchmarks required by Denison and the fire marshal. Now, an extension of 30 days has been allotted to accommodate the city and developers. 

The properties could have been demolished under a Chapter 54 lawsuit if apartment owners and contractors did not achieve benchmarks required by the city. 

"It was a unit-by-unit case, so when we did inspections of each unit and provided the contractor with all the items that needed to be addressed from our standpoint, and they came back with a scope of work for each unit," said Mary Tate, the city's director of Development Services. 

We're told the buildings are currently occupied by tenants as they are being made code-compliant.