“Don loved his memorabilia so much that he built an armory out in Sherman,” said Damaris Knobler, the widow of Don Knobler.

It’s a collection he spent over 30 years putting together

“He was very passionate not just about the Mavs but about sports we can kind of walk around, said Will Knobler, Don's son.”

A room full of memories from any sport you can think of.

“NFL Pro Hall of Fame Jacket," Will said. "Emmitt Smith. All the Cowboys stuff.”

But don’t get it twisted.

“More Mavericks stuff. It just goes on,” Will said, surveying a wall.

He had very clear priorities.

“All the DFW teams were his passion, but no doubt the Mavericks were his prized possession” Willl said.

Knobler began attending games in the 1990s after he met Mavs owner Don Carter while riding motorcycles. 

“[We] just began going with Carter to the games and needless to say Don met everyone,” Damaris said.

It was that personality that made Knobler a fan favorite

“He was not too good to talk to anybody," Damaris said. "He loved everybody.”

By the 2000s, Knobler soon became a staple at games with colorful outfits and plenty of energy from his courtside seats.

“When he walked into the Mavericks arena, it was showtime,”  Damaris said.  

He saw Dirk win MVP. The Mavericks lose in the NBA Finals in 2006 and Avery Johnson dismissed after two-straight first round exits. But he always stuck by the team..

“Part of his passion for the Mavericks was motivating, encouraging and kinda helping get the team moving in the right direction,” Will said.

In 2011, he finally got his reward for years of loyalty. An NBA Championship.

“We were on a cruise, but we got it on the television on the ship," Damaris said. "He was so excited. He couldn’t wait to come back.”

The keepsakes from that series are all over his red room. From a signed jersey, a high five with Jason Terry, and yes, even the courtside seats that Knobler sat in that year.

He could never have enough Mavs gear.

“Bobbleheads, said Will, looking at another wall of Mavs gear. "Signed basketball shoes.”

And for his son Will, walking through that never gets old.

“It’s definitely a keepsake for sure and awesome to have to keep his passion moving forward and his name and legacy moving on,” Will said.

Knobler passed away peacefully in his sleep in December of 2023.

And even though he didn’t get to witness the Mavs finally win a game one under Jason Kidd or this NBA Finals in person, his family still feels his presence

“Don is in heaven. I’m sure he’s looking down and smiling on them," Damaris said. "When they did well, he did well.”

And two weeks from now, they’ll be hoping to celebrate another Mavs title in his honor. 

“This was one of his favorite ones. Mavericks heavyweight belt," Will said. "We’re going to break that out post season once we get the championship trophy. Go Mavs!”

The NBA Finals will continue to air on KTEN's sister station, ABC10.