FANNIN COUNTY, Texas (KTEN) —  More than four dozen county roads in Fannin County are getting repairs after April's non-stop rain resulted in potholes and  missing lanes.

So far, the price tag is estimated at $1 million.

"As the weeks and days go on ... vehicles driving on the roads impacted with the weight have become almost impassible," said Fannin County Emergency Management coordinator Troy Hudson. 

Barbara Adkison, who lives on County Road 1450 in Bonham, drives on the gravel roads daily, having to bob and weave just to get by.

"You go one way to try not to hit it, you know, and you miss... and then the ones that are good become bad... so you really have no choice but to hit it," she said. 

Adkison added that her vehicle has been damaged by the poor road conditions.

"It cost me $1,500 just to fix the right front of my tire, and I had to replace four or five windshields in my own car," she said. "I have a split in the dash from this road, and nobody wants to be responsible for it." 

Fannin County motorists can expect the road repair process to take up to a month, with crews already adding another two or three dozen more locations to the repair list.

Until roads are fully repaired, Hudson encourages drivers to remain cautious and patient.