(KTEN) — It's been an especially active severe weather season for Texoma, with a very bumpy ride through May.

"It started March 4th with our first storm threat of the spring season," said KTEN meteorologist Amber Nowaski. "We're still dealing with it heading into June."

In April, the 48 contiguous United States saw the second largest number of tornadoes ever — 300 — with 14 of those impacting Texoma.

"We saw those tornadoes rip through Texoma on April 27th in Marietta, Dixon, and — of course — Sulphur," Nowaski said. "Those EF-3 and EF-4 tornadoes, just catastrophic damage, and we're still picking up the pieces."

On top of all the tornadoes, Texomans have had to deal with record-breaking hail, damaging winds, and flooding.

The Sherman rain gauge has reached 30.21 so far this year compared to the average annual rainfall of 19.83 inches. That may be something that could help us out as the weather warms up.

"We're hoping that all that rain will help us stay away from fire danger moving into the summer," Nowaski said.

While the storms took a lot from Texomans, they also brought people together.

"Seeing everybody finding things in the rubble, finding things in the damage, and finding out who those things belong to," Nowaski said. "We've seen several photos that were tracked miles away from home that have been reunited with families."

And helping one another is what brought Texomans through the hardest times.

"One of the things that really emphasizes Texoma and Texoma's heart is being able to come together after those storms roll through and after they cause damage; it gets those people that have been impacted by storms through some of the hardest times," Nowaski added.

Any time severe weather strikes, our KTEN Weather team is ready and prepared to help you stay safe.