MADILL, Okla. (KTEN) — The National Sand Bass Festival in Madill has been holding events since June 1st, and since that time, countless visitors and locals have been hitting up food vendors, arts and crafts tables, and other carnival attractions.

"I look forward to this every year."

People come from all over the area and the country to take part in the festival activities.

Local visitors, like Mable Trobaugh, have been frequenting the festival all week, trying to soak in all of the fun and community that they can.

"We've been here, coming to the Sand Bass Festival for probably about 12 years.” She said. “It's just the people we run into, that runs the booth are so kind, and really polite."

Local music groups, like the TJ Todd Band, are thrilled to be showcasing their songs for thousands of people.

"We're excited to be here again, we came here last year, for the first time, and we're just excited to be back.” Explained lead singer TJ Todd. “We've got a lot of new songs that have come out in the past year and stuff, that we're getting to play tonight, so I'm expecting it to be even better this year."

But everyone's favorite part?

"The community coming together.” Said Bink Stanford. Stanford’s father was on the original committee for the festival back in 1966. “People see each other, it's not a business setting, it's just casual."

"I really thank, thank them for putting this on every year.” Stated Trobaugh. “I look forward, and the people look forward, to coming up here, and just spending time with family."

The National Sand Bass festival will be running through Saturday, June 8th.

2024 Sand Bass Festival schedule.