SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — Unidentified vandals entered Sherman's Hawn Park this week, leaving a mess on the playground and giving parents one less way to keep their kids cool.

Between late Wednesday night and Thursday morning, Hawn park became a target of vandalism.

Trash cans and park property were damaged with the splash pad being the main target.

"We like to provide nice things and fun atmospheres, and when things get messed up then it costs us time and money to repair those things," stated Sherman's Parks and Recreations Coordinator Dylan Johnson. "It's very frustrating. Obviously, we like to have people out and about in our parks and we don't want to close them down at all – But our main focus is always going to be safety."

The top of the activator switch was completely torn off, and the internal wiring was damaged, posing a safety hazard.

In response to the damage, Sherman Parks and Recreations decided to close the pad for over 24 hours to keep visitors safe.

Not only did the vandalism take some money out of the pocket of the city, but it also left parents and their kids with no way of beating the heat.

"We live just down the road. We pay taxes, everybody does - So, for someone to come along and destroy it just like they can, and take it away from everyday people like us, it's just really hard on these hot days and we get a lot of them in Texas," said frustrated parent Brandon Deaton.

The splash pad is now repaired and open to the public again.