KINGSTON, Okla. (KTEN) — Some Kingston residents are showing their support for fired police chief Kasey Cox by signing a petition to bring him back.

"I didn't like it then... I don't feel like that there was any reason given," said petition organizer Karyn Cox. "I want him back in his job."

Kasey Cox was terminated by the Kingston City Council on May 14.

"People out right now going out the door-to-door getting signatures, and so there will be more coming in when we all go to the Sand Bass tonight," Karyn Cox said. "I think we will have a whole more than what anybody thought we would've gotten."

As of Thursday, the petition had 100 signatures to reinstate the former police chief, whose successor was named one day after he was fired for "insubordination of a time clock."

"I don't know how they could put anyone else in there when he is as well-liked as he is," Karyn Cox said.

Kingston Mayor Sarah Jones explained the decision to terminate the chief in a statement to KTEN.

"The at-will employment doctrine allows employers to discharge employees at any time and for good cause or no cause at all — without being legally responsible."

Kasey Cox said he is holding off on other job opportunities while he appeals his termination.

"I want the evidence to be provided, legal and fair," he said. "I don't want this to be a matter of just because we have two different opinions that you have to get rid of somebody."

Cox believes that no matter the outcome, he is still willing to help the people he once protected and served.

"If I can help them — even though its out of my jurisdiction — I'm willing whatever I've got to do to assist; I want to do that."