LAKE TEXOMA (KTEN)  —  "Every day is like a new day for me," said Pottsboro fishing guide business owner Jay Staley. "Some days we're in shallow water; sometimes, we're in deep water. Really no consistency with the way the lake levels are changing."

Guides on Lake Texoma are having a hard time reeling in fish, with heavy rain increasing lake levels by 0.71 feet within 24 hours.

"We have four people... that's 40 fish, right? I mean, last year, we'd catch that all day, every day," said fishing guide Mason Staley. "Right now, it's just been a few, and it's been a little bit slower than usual."

Denison fishing guide John Blasingame, on average, catches 40 to 60 fish in six hours, but Wednesday morning's rain left him with only 30 fish over the same period.

Blasingame believes the inconsistent lake levels are all part of the job in his 28 years as a professional fishing guide.

"You're going to have some days that are going to be really good days, and you're going to have other days that it's going to be a little slower," he said. "But you just take it as it comes, and you take what the lake gives you."

The heavy rain is also bringing in debris to Lake Texoma.

"All boaters continue to beware of potential hazards in the form of floating logs/debris carried downstream into the lake due to the high inflows we have received," said US Army Corps of Engineers lake manager Jacob Ellison in a written statement. "Be especially cautious north of Roosevelt Bridge and west of 377 Bridge."

For father-son fishing guides like Jay and Mason Staley, debris is part of the Staley Adventures business in Pottsboro.

"I hit a log when I was catching bait, because we leave about 2 or 3 in the morning," Jay Staley said. "Luckily, I was at idle speed, and it was just as big as my boat. It just come out of nowhere."

Both guides plan to keep their fishing poles at Lake Texoma despite the fishing setbacks.