SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — As summer temperatures creep up on Texomans, the need for renters to get quick maintenance response becomes even more important. 

That's why — after consistent complaints from tenants about properties failing to meet code requirements — the City of Sherman is implementing a new inspection program which aims to help.

Forty-two properties have signed up since the inspections began back in February.

"What we're typically doing is sending our inspectors in, looking at the properties in question, and then providing a list of things that need to be fixed or updated to the property owner," said city spokesperson Nate Strauch. "Then giving them a period of time — usually about 30 days — to get those fixed."

Caroline Steinman is settling into Sherman after recently moving from Bonham.

"It is ridiculous with the amount of stuff going up; it's hard with inflation; it's harder to live, harder to survive," she said. "I was paying $1,600 a month for a one-bedroom in Bonham, and there's nothing in Bonham. That's why I moved back to Sherman and i'm paying $899 here."

While Elijah Campbell is packing up and headed out, he says his friends have had maintenance issues with their complexes.

"This is probably one of the cheaper places to live, but yeah, I'm moving back home with my grandparents just to save some money and try to get out of Grayson County in general."

It costs $10 per unit for a landlord to register a property. In the next year, the city council will reconvene to possibly expand the ordinance to include single-family homes.