SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — From widening concrete curbs to allowing more space for parking, a plan has been set to improve safety and accessibility at Sherman's Pecan Grove Park.

The goal of the project approved by the city council is to upgrade roads around the park — specifically Lamberth Road and Shady Oaks Lane — to better accommodate visitors and the surrounding developments.

"I think they should turn this into an even better place... I don't care what it costs," said Keith Jones, who is enthusiastic about the plans. "I'm surprised it's not more developed that what it is. A small parking lot surely will not hold all the people that come out here."

Lamberth Road will become a five-lane undivided minor arterial road to help ease traffic flow.

Shady Oaks Lane will be getting an extension of a concrete curb and gutter street section to enhance connectivity from Shady Oaks Circle to Lamberth Road.

"We live right across the street," said frequent park visitor Gina Baca. "If we're trying to increase the park, and if there's many ways to get in, it would be less traffic in the future."

Construction is set to start in 2025 and is estimated to go on for nine to 12 months once started.