ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) -- The June primaries are two weeks away. To help voters prepare before heading to the polls, the Ardmore Chamber of Commerce brought candidates together for a forum Tuesday evening to answer questions in front of taxpayers.

Kelly Brawley and Lindsey Armstrong, candidates running for Carter County Clerk, and Owen Longest, incumbent Bill Baker and Kalub Miller, candidates running for district two county commissioner, all made their pitches to taxpayers about why they deserve a vote on June 18.

Each candidate was asked three predetermined questions with a two minute response time.

Candidates running for Carter County Sheriff, incumbent Chris Bryant, and DJ Long, also hit the stage both saying that property crime is an issue in the county.

"Before, you used to have some leverage, and now you don't have any leverage,” Bryant said. “So, we need to go back to the drawing board and figure out how it needs to be addressed and how we need to fix it."

"Not only through legislation would that be at least reduced, but by being proactive in the sheriff's office," Long explained.

Candidates running for state representative for house district 48, incumbent Tammy Townley, and April Brown, shared the stage and their thoughts on a potential income tax cut.

"Since we've passed the grocery tax, now might not be the greatest time to introduce another large personal tax [cut],” Townley said. “Maybe instead of a quarter percent [cut], maybe ten percent."

"The question is: can we lower our income tax? I do believe it can happen,” Brown said. “If we have too much taxes going on right now, then are we being properly represented?"