GRAYSON COUNTY, Texas (KTEN) — At its weekly Tuesday session, Grayson County Commissioners Court focused on keeping tuberculosis in check with a nod to a state and federally funded grant.

As the population grows in the county, the risk becomes higher for catching the disease.

"Every now and then, we get a case that pops up, and this helps track that and then provide treatment," said Grayson County Judge Bruce Dawsey. "It's going to be passed through dollars that come through the state and federal government; they help fund our health department when it comes to disease prevention."

The contract includes federal funding of $15,370 with a state contribution of $34,615. This will go to the Grayson County Health Department.

The money will be used for lab improvements, more case screenings, getting active treatments rolling, and offering educational training.

Along with the grant, transportation for county workers will be eased with three new vendors — Silsbee Ford, Gilchrist Automotive and Sames Chevrolet — available for fleet cars.

"Those three vendors have the opportunity to become a pool to where we can reach out to any of the three vendors if we have vehicles in the future. Maybe one vendor might not have something that we're looking for, so we go to the other one," said county purchasing agent Jodi Platt.

With easier access to wheels, the jobs can get done more efficiently.

"It would be like for our maintenance department or our off sight sewer department. It gives us opportunities to do the things that we need to do."