KINGSTON, Okla. (KTEN) — If you look at the town of Kingston's website, Blyth Headding's official title is Fire Marshal. However, Headding wears the hats of four other city positions at the same time, including a commissioned police officer.

Headding started working for the town of Kingston back in 2021 as a commissioned police officer.

"As I was doing police work, I got involved with the fire department.” Headding explained. “Myself and the fire chief suggested the need for a Fire Marshal, or someone in that capacity, and I've transitioned into that title, into that position, as of July of last year."

Since that time, Headding has added three more jobs to his workload, as Assistant Emergency Manager, county drone pilot, and EMT in training, all while still working as a commissioned officer and Fire Marshal.

"I'm not a licensed EMT right now, we are holding class right now, for basic EMT, which I am a part of.” Headding said. “We'll be finishing that up in July."

Town leaders, like Kingston Vice Mayor Loren Runyan, are pleased with the work that Headding has done for the city, and the way he juggles all of his tasks.

"He's doing a bang-up job. Kind of a Jack of all trades, master of none.” Runyan said. “He's doing a good job at it. If he needs help, he knows where to come to. We'll get him help if he needs it."

"I absolutely enjoy every minute of everything I do.” Headding said. “I wake up in the morning and never really know where the day's gonna take me."