DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — Renovations are planned for Loy Lake dam in Denison, The city has outlaid $85,000 for the engineering plans required to make  improvements.

"It is definitely going to be an interesting transition," said Aaron Thornhill, executive director at the Frontier Village and Museum at Loy Lake.

The dam was built in 1933. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality said it could use some work.

"TCEQ in 2018 did an inspection on the dam, and they came out with some recommendations," said city engineer Franchon Stearns. "It was around that time that Denison and Grayson County got together, and the city took over the property and then also maintenance and operations of the dam."

Stearns said the dam is considered a "small, high-hazard dam."

"It has nothing to do with the structure, what the dam looks like," she explained. "It is more about the flood prevention, and it's more the TCEQ saying we need to keep up with this dam to make sure that it doesn't become a hazardous situation if we got a big rain."

Modifications will include building a wall at the top of the dam, and repairing flaking concrete.

Engineers will also develop an emergency action plan.

The dam is an attraction to those who frequent the park.

"Having an updated dam and having it protected from any kind of decay or erosion is very important for not just public safety, but for tourism," Thornhill said.

Development will take roughly six months, with construction taking eight to 10 months.