WILSON, Okla. (KTEN) — Carter County authorities allege that a residence on Santa Fe Road in Wilson was home to an illegal chicken-fighting ring.

Deputies raided the property on April 20, but it wasn't until May 24 that two individuals — identified as Catlin Gravitt, 63, and Darline Gravitt, 63 — were booked into jail on charges of keeping a place or equipment for cockfighting, and holding or training a bird for cockfighting.

Catlin (left) and Darline Gravitt were arrested on cockfighting charges.

The initial raid followed a tip from Animal Wellness Action, a third party advocacy group. Investigators said they found people taking part in the fighting, along with weapons and an arena.

Although the investigation has taken a while, AWA state director Kevin Chambers said his organization is happy with the way things have been handled.

"We're quite pleased with what Carter County's done," he said. "They've been very aggressive about pursuing it; not all counties pursue it as aggressively."

"The charges were filed by my office, and then their attorney had contacted our office to turn them in, and so we set a date for them to turn themselves in and appear in court," said District 20 District Attorney Melissa Handke. "Sometimes it takes a little while."

Handke said her office has received backlash from both pro- and anti-cockfighting groups in connection with this case, but she said she's determined to uphold the law.

"This office prosecutes the laws as they're written," Handke said. "The State of Oklahoma voted a few years ago to make chicken fighting illegal, and until the legislature changes the law, it will be illegal."