LAKE TEXOMA (KTEN) — "Don't worry about it if you're not catching anything... just to come out and have fun and relax," said Buncombe camper Keith Hogg.

On Saturday and Sunday, Texoman anglers were able to catch and take fish home license-free, marking free fishing day.

Texans could fish for one day, and Oklahomans could fish for two days without charge.

Anglers in the Collegiate Bass Trail of Texas were competing for a championship title during free fishing weekend on Lake Texoma.

"We had 16 pounds, which put us in the lead currently," said collegiate angler Ben Burns.

Tournament director Matthew Tolnay said fishing without a license could give some anglers the upper hand.

"When you have a competition of this magnitude, and the seriousness that these anglers put into it, any way that you can lessen that stress on them is always a positive," he said. "They can show up, find their fish, bring them to weigh in, and just have a fun weekend overall."

But anglers aren't the only ones reeling in all the bait from free fishing day; so are campers on the shores of Lake Texoma.

Some people refer to free fishing day as a break from fishing expenses.

"Who's got the money to spend on extra fishing licenses and stuff when you don't really need to?" Hogg asked. "You could just come out here and get it for free. If you had to buy a license for five different kids, you're looking at right at 100 bucks — if not more — to where they can legally fish."

Collegiate anglers like Burns believe the free fishing day is for reeling in new anglers and adding state licenses.

"They can have this one day, and — you know — maybe some people come out here, and they like it, and they go ahead and buy a fishing license," he said. "Building a sport, building the sales of licenses to help maintain these parks."