POTTSBORO, Tx. (KTEN) - A Pottsboro author wrote a book about the dam's history, and how it transformed Denison, and all of Texoma.

Natalie Bauman started writing 10 years ago, and has since published 28 books, about her home, in Texoma.

Her passion for history started before she was even able to write.

Bauman was adopted by an elderly couple who surrounded her with pictures and stories from when her family came to Pottsboro in 1886.

She wrote a history and comedy column in the Cardinal Courier Pottsboro High School newspaper, but it wasn't until later in life, she discovered her passion for writing.

Bauman lost her job due to auto immune diseases that kept her from the life she once knew. Her doctor told her to find a hobby, and within a few weeks after being laid off, she wrote her first book.

"I wanted to write these books, and make sure it was known, all the things that happened here, that were so important, and people don't realize how important this area is," Bauman said.

Bauman's longest book, "The History of Building The Denison Dam" outlines the construction, how it works, and why the dam, that caused the formation of lake Texoma, is still a critical piece of infrastructure 80 years later.

To see all of Bauman's books, you can buy them on amazon here.