GAINESVILLE, Texas (KTEN) — A normal school day turned into a life-saving one for two Gainesville Junior High teachers who gave everyone a life lesson in quick thinking.

Monday, May 6 was a teacher planning day with no students on campus, when Kevin Bentley and Johnette Hancock heard screaming from outside their classroom windows.

The two quick took action and found the screams were coming from a woman in her backyard next to the campus after a storage shed fell on top of her.

"All you could see was her neck and her head," said Bentley, an 8th grade history teacher. "Then other teachers showed up, and they wanted to lift it up, and I said, 'Do not touch it.'"

He leaned on his training from his previous career as a military police officer.

"We don't know if she's been impaled; we don't know the situation; we just need to keep her calm," Bentley said.

"She wanted me to call her sister and call her son, so I dialed the number she gave me," added Hancock, an instructional coach at the school. "Just kept talking to her and said, 'They're coming; help is on the way.'"

Five Gainesville firefighters were able to lift the shed off the woman.

"Making decisions for the benefit of someone else is something that every good teacher does regularly," Hancock said.

Thanks to the response of the educators, the victim received medical attention and is now on the road to recovery. The two educators were awarded the Gainesville Independent School District Coin of Excellence, the district's highest honor.

"At any given moment — regardless of the level you may be in high school, middle school, elementary — an emergency or situation can break out," said Superintendent Dr. Desmontes Stewart. "At that point, it's key that we have problem-solvers, critical thinkers, people who can process, then take the corrective action to remedy the situation."  

The victim is alive and working on her recovery.