SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — Fifteen Sherman middle schoolers traded pen and paper for hard hats and drills for a day at The Rosendin Foundation's Camp Build. 

Campers experienced hands-on learning by bending pipes, sawing wood, and building lamps.

The foundation's president hopes Camp Build will inspire the next generation of kids be self-sufficient in and out of construction zones.

Camper Lindsey Greil said she's now better prepared to help her dad around the house.

"Before I went to camp, every time he had like a project, I was probably absolutely no help at all," she said. "Now that I've actually came back from camp, I can actually apply myself into helping him." 

"We can start setting some boxes, run some MC, some electrical wires, and air conditioning," said Lindsey's father, David Greil. 

Lindsey hopes her new construction skills from camp will land her a job to work with NASA mission control someday.