ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) — Ardmore city officials are still looking for a new chief of police, and soon, they'll start a search to fill another top position; one that overlooks the city's fire department.

"I've been kind of kicking it around for the past six months, and then this position came open at the Carter County Health Department," outgoing fire chief Cary Williamson said.

After 14 years as Ardmore's fire chief, Cary Williamson is retiring on June 14, with plans to become an emergency response coordinator at the Carter County Health Department.

Deputy Chief John Henry, who was named to that position in September, will be taking over as the interim chief.

"The leadership team that we have in place right now, they're ready for the next step,” Williamson added. “We knew at some point I'd be leaving. [We] didn't necessarily know it would be this soon. I knew I wanted somebody in the position to continue on and John was the perfect candidate."

Now searching for a new fire chief is on top of the to-do list for Ardmore city officials, in addition to an already on-going police chief search that has been underway since David Houser was announced as the interim police chief in January.

"I believe we had five applicants the first go-around. That search continues,” Mayor Nancy Sjulin said. “I really don't feel like we're going to have to wait much longer. We have to have the right person apply for the job that fits the job and fits the city of Ardmore."

Outgoing fire chief Cary Williamson says he expects soon-to-be interim chief John Henry to be named the full time chief in the future.