TIOGA, Texas (KTEN) - Late Saturday night, the same storm that produced a tornado in Valley View caused some flooding in Tioga and other portions of Grayson County.

Although a tornado did not track through Grayson County this Saturday, homeowners and businesses endured tense moments as warnings came throughout the night.

"We were nervous. It's time – Time takes forever. My dad, he just bought a 3-million-dollar shop over there. That could've ruined and ruined a lot," said Manny Segundo, who owns property in Tioga.

On East Hinton, Porch Street, and Buck Creek in Tioga, it was reported that excess water was being held in the lower portions of land as a result of heavy duty rainfall.

Since Saturday, there was a reported rainfall total between 1-2 inches in Tioga alone. Texoma is above average for precipitation this May in north Texas, meaning every inch that is given counts towards more flooding.

"I commute here, so it is scary not knowing if I'm going to be able to make it to work.." said Tioga Business Owner, Mattison Martin. "I've seen it all over on my way to work; Saw tons of trees down. As a small business owner, it's really nerve wrecking because this is my source of income. Any flooding or any destruction, then that's taken away from me. "

With more rain on the way, the flash flooding will still be a possibility throughout the week in Tioga and in other portions of Grayson county.