SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — The Sherman City Council is taking the first steps of the budget-planning process, with some major infrastructure projects on the list.

Last week was the start of budget discussions for council members, zeroing in on upcoming capital improvements, which refers to big ticket items the city is trying to address like infrastructure projects to support developments like Texas Instruments and GlobalWafers.

"That's things like expanding our sewer plant, expanding our water treatment plant, building a 36-inch pipeline over the course of about 11 miles that will provide water to TI and GlobalWafers, and also to spur housing growth in that area as well," said city spokesperson Nate Strauch.

Over the next 12 months, these capital improvements will ensure that the manufacturing plants can open on schedule.

"We know that both these plants want to go into production spring or summer of next year, so we really have a narrow window of time to get these projects done," Strauch said.

But while servicing the city's manufacturing base is at the top of the list, Sherman leaders want to make sure other issues are addressed.

"Taking care of what we already have, that's another focus... making sure that our streets are up to par, making sure parks are being upgraded," Strauch said.

"One of our biggest concerns that we hear from the community is potholes, or street conditions, so that's something that our council is focused on and working on," added council member Shawn Teamann. "The program to build up about 20-25 miles of reconstruction in a year."

The plan is for there to be no impact to local taxes as budget discussions continue.